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Hello and welcome! Dr Parag Vora from Mcmaster University, Hamilton, Canada is back with another awesome experience to share with his readers! In this post, I will share my experiences about making a career with radiology.

I feel that radiology research in Hamilton, Ontario, and Canada in general has advanced itself in last decade and thousands of technological innovations have improved visual imaging techniques in a better way. But you may think what radiology is or, what does Dr Parag Vora Burlington do as a radiologist. Right? So let's dive into this science term and learn some important things about radiology before progressing further. Follow Dr Parag Vora McMaster on Facebook to get blog updates in your feed.
What’s Radiology - Parag Vora Reveals!

Radiology is a hospital-based medical term which uses imaging techniques to diagnose various diseases that people suffer from. It’s a rigorous practice that helps in planning a patient’s treatment. If you have spent more than 10 years in this clinical field (like me), it becomes a highly rewarding career for you in future.”

Advantages of being a radiologist are as follows:

Radiology is established as a cornerstone for diagnosing big problems like cancer or tumours. So, there is a huge demand of radiologists who can conduct thorough examinations and tests with high success rate. This is exactly what I do as Dr Parag Vora at McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada).

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Also check out Radiology page of Mcmaster University to learn more about what it takes to become a radiologist.

Dr Parag Vora & McMaster life as Radiologist

A career in radiology will also gives you correct life and work balance. May be, not the perfect balance since radiology is demanding but still way better than others!

Do you got what it takes to be a radiologist? I guess building a career in radiology takes a lot of learning before reaching that high point of success! As Dr Parag Vora, I hope that readers -after reading my quick explanation - learnt something about radiology and what you require to.

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