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Hello Everyone, I am back here with a new post as Parag Vora Radiologist in Burlington, Hamilton, Canada. I have written 2 blogs till now and they have been much appreciated by my friends and family. Here are the links to the earlier posts about me as Dr. Parag Vora:

Dr Parag Vora McMaster on Medium - This is the first blog I wrote this month. Not the best but I did a decent job on sharing what Dr Parag Vora of McMaster is all about.

Parag Vora - Hamilton & Burlington Travel Guide - This is the first blog post focused on my plan to become a local travel expert. That’s right! Being Dr Parag Vora is not enough for me. I also want to be Parag Vora, Burlington and Hamilton travel expert.

Now that we have spoken about the work we have already done, let’s get down to the accomplishments of last decade.

Dr Parag Vora - Medical accomplishments

As Dr. Parag Vora, I have become part of hundreds of researches, lectures, and conferences. Below are the best ones I can recall:

Seminars By Dr. Parag:

· Practical Approach to Oncological Imaging Conference: October 2009. White Oaks Conference Resort, Niagara –on-the Lake.

· OAR CT Colonography Workshop: October 2009. Case Moderator.

· Intervention in Colon: Stents: Radiology Inservice, McMaster University Medical Centre, May 2008.

· Newer Imaging of the Colon: Virtual colonoscopy: Hamilton Association Of Gastroenterologists meeting. April 2008.

Presentations by Dr. Parag:

· Barium enemas: Are radiographers up to it?” Scientific Exhibit at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), 2004, Vienna, Austria.

· Radial angioplasty case presentation at Solway Vascular Group meeting, March 2000, Carlisle, U.K.

“Feeding Jejunostomy in Major Aortic Surgery”. Presented to M6 Vascular Group meeting Sept. 98, Manchester, U.K. Dr Parag Vora, Crunchbase

My new year resolution was also to understand internet more. Get into blogging and build my personal brand as Dr Parag Vora, Radiologist at McMaster University, Canada. So, I worked in that direction.

Dr. Parag Vora Burlington, Hamilton - Contact Details & Info

I started by building my personal website and pages to make sure that I’m found online by anyone looking for radiology assistance in Hamilton, Burlington, and rest of Canada. So, I created following websites:

Parag Vora on About.me

Parag Vora on Strikingly

Dr Parag Vora Radiologist on Facebook

Parag Vora Burlington on Instagram

Parag Vora McMaster on Twitter

Please go through the above and let me know what you think. All my life, I have been a doctor who has excelled at radiology but now I want to be something more. Please keep sharing your suggestions!

I will write more very soon. This is Parag Vora signing off!


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