Dr Parag Vora Diaries - Learning Internet is so Much Fun!

Hi guys! Once again Dr. Parag Vora McMaster’s leading radiologist has returned with a beautiful experiences to share!

Woah! Internet is Big. With big, I mean it is full of new things! With so many websites to browse, creating social accounts, I think it is another challenge to decode it!

While working in McMaster University,Burlington, Hamilton, I did so much noticeable work as Dr Parag Vora, like giving speeches, performing radiology, and conducting seminars. But in 2019, I decided to learn more about the internet! Since I am new to the web and its workings, I am at a start point. I like using social sites like Facebook, Instagram and I think they are good online platforms to become social and make new friends. Here’s Parag Vora McMaster on About Me (Mcmaster)

Dr Parag Vora on Internet

I say internet is like a sea, and you can learn a lot from it! Right now, I am learning about becoming more creative in my writing skills. Seems like being a local travel guide of Burlington and Hamilton isn’t just enough for 2019! I recently build my presence as Dr Parag Vora Burlington, Hamilton on internet and did the same on some cool sites. Below are the links:

Parag Vora on Instagram (Radiologist)

Parag Vora on Tumblr (Hamilton)

Dr Parag on Strikingly

I guess learning is an active process. The more we put efforts, better we get out of it. I hope you all we support me in becoming better internet user and share your knowledge with me.

Do you have some nice blogs to share that will teach me about internet? Please share in the comments section!

Also check out my last blog post! It was my first one.


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